Exclusive to Jeff Wynn Design Flooring

The Clear Bar is suitable for any design themed flooring and replaces the need for brass chrome and other nearly matching finishes.

An Invisible Finish

Unrolling the Carpet
Home Deck

Even if you have a bespoke design, the Clear Bar will make sure that your perfect design flows through the whole of your room without an ugly join.

Fits to any Design

The Clear Bar is strong and durable and impact resistant making sure it will never fade or become obsolete. It really is the perfect finish to your design vinyl flooring

A Seamless Join

Unrolling the Carpet

The Designer Door Bar

Which finish would you prefer? Brass, Chrome or Perfectly matching your new design flooring?

Home Deck

The Clear Bar was invented here at Jeff Wynn Design Flooring and is therfore exclusive in this area to our own customers.


"If you are looking for the perfect finish to your design vinyl flooring, there is only one solution, The Clear Bar."

Andy Howes,

Commercial Director,

Headlam Group

" This is a breakthrough product in the design vinyl flooring industry."


David Bigland,

Managing Director,


"Tomorrow's Flooring is all about the future of our industry. Maybe, just maybe The Clear Bar is the future of door bars!"

Tomorrow's Flooring Magazine